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The PlayStation 3 or PS 3 out of Sony Computer Equipment is the generation of Sony’s home video games console and the successor of the PlayStation 2. This gaming console includes innovative attributes such as the PlayStation Network unified online gaming support (that lets you download movies and games, chat with fellow PS 3 consumers, take part in tournaments, play miniature games, in addition to explore devoted sport spaces), comprehensive multimedia abilities, along with PlayStation Portable compatibility.

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Though the versions of Sony PlayStation use memory cards the PlayStation 3 uses Blu ray Discs for quality matches and storage capacity. Because this games console is compatible with CD ROM, CD RW, DVD, DVD ROM, DVD R and DVD+R although Blu ray disk media format provides one of the best viewing experience, you can opt for different media formats. The PlayStation 3 is powered by an IBM Cell chip and can be supported using an outstanding NVIDIA graphics chip. As a result of this combination can do two trillion calculations per second. Latest includes a variant of the Cell chip. This version runs as the previous models in exactly the 60 + nm rate that are exact same, but it consumes less electricity. For A more enjoyable gaming experience, you can connect the console into projector or a HD TV through the HDMI interface to deliver graphics in resolution and precision.

There are at least three setting options to select from for much more realistic audio effects: DTS 5.1, Dolby Digital 5.1, along with the Linear PCM 7.1. While compatible with the PlayStation Portable (PSP), the PS 3 is also backward compatible with many PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games. This implies that while you are able to play with the most recent games that are High Definition, you do not need to throw away your games since you are able to play with them with this console. Sad to say, the Free Gift Cards the version does not support backward compatibility. The PlayStation 3 is currently available in various storage capacities. While prior versions of this PS 3 are offered in smaller storage capacities (20 GB, 40 GB, 60 GB, 80 GB, etc), the most recent variant comes in much more generous storage capabilities and thinner design. It is offered in four variants   120 GB, 160 GB, 320 GB Bundle and 320 GB Transfer Bundle.